The House on the Hill

Surfsinn Guesthouse

The Ultimate Ucluelet Hostel

Just because you’re coming to the west coast on a budget doesn’t mean you have to suffer in a dodgy, cramped hostel. We’ve been there... and that’s why we built the House on the Hill.

Comfy, cozy... groovy

Among hostels, the House on the Hill is in a class of its own. It’s clean and bright and it’s cozy and warm. And it’s available at a great price.

Your Home Away From Home

There are three dorm rooms plus a private room in the Guest House and we can sleep up to 18 people at a time. We’ve got a full kitchen that’s always ready to go and stocked with enough gear to make Thanksgiving dinner.

Surfs Inn is right in the heart of Ucluelet so you get easy access to all the beaches and trails between here and Tofino. From the Guest House’s sunny living room you can kick back and take in views of Ucluelet harbour. And if you get caught in some of Ukee’s famous rain, just throw another log in the fireplace and be glad you’re not back at work.

What’s Included?

Guaranteed surf conditions cost extra.

Want to know more? Check out our photo gallery or rate card and shoot us an e-mail to book your stay.